Become your best self


You know there's more to life and you've been hustling to become your best self. You're working on your career, maybe it's new or maybe you're realizing your next step. You have big ideas, and lots of them, and you're starting to harness your vision because you're keen on making this life count. Every day is a new challenge to rise, learn, and grow. 


Gratitude is your love language

And even though it's not easy, you're digging deep to learn how to be patient, kind, and compassionate. Gratitude is your love language, and you try to surround yourself with people who bring you joy.


A companion for your journey

Exploring the world through travel, learning about different cultures and ways of life, eating delicious food and drinking delicious drinks with your best people, talking about real things. This is how you become at ease in your own skin, and find the balance to achieve everything you set out to do. If this sounds like you, Art of the Unknown needs to be in your bag—for the journey and for all the stops along the way.

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Covered in the colour
of joy

The deep orange is an instant visual boost of energy to stimulate your own creativity, and it's associated with the law of attraction. You'll draw new ideas and wisdom from each page of poetry, and inspiration from each illustration.

Art of the Unknown is the perfect companion when you're investing in
you-time…when you’re killing time in-between things…if you're introverting at a cafe…or if you're having a much-needed, quiet night in with some wine. If you're spinning vinyl in the background, even better. Wherever you are, keep the vibe chill and inclusive.

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